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Responses to those who look for evidence from the Qur’an in order to restrict and belittle women

The addition of the word “headscarf” to translations of the Qur’an

Kuran, çiçekler
One of the issues that fanatics bring up most of all is that women should cover themselves up. The conception of religion and faith of certain people, who exhibit almost no sensitivity to a great many commandments of the faith, who fail to observe even its most fundamental requirements but who are scrupulous when it comes to abiding by the Sunnah - the hadiths in other words - generally takes the form of “the headscarf=religion.” However, does the headscarf, which some people literally regard as the sole symbol of the faith, appear in the Qur’an?
Many scholars say that they draw their remarks about the headscarf and covering up from the Qur’an, and point to various verses on the subject. The fact is, however, that the word “headscarf” appears in not one single verse. Therefore, we first need to see how the Qur’an is interpreted and what the accurate explanation is.

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