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Ensuring women have a place to live after divorce

In order that a woman should not find herself in difficulties after divorce, and to ensure that she is protected, Almighty God advises the man to keep her close to him. It is revealed that this should make it possible for him to keep watch over her in times of danger. After divorce, the believer has the important responsibility of providing for her until she can find a place to stay of her own and ensuring that no harm comes to her:
Let them [the women you have divorced] live where you live, according to your meansDo not put pressure on them, so as to harass them. If they are pregnant, maintain them until they give birth. If they are suckling for you, give them their wages and consult together with correctness and courtesy. But if you make things difficult for one another, another woman should do the suckling for you. (Qur'an, 65:6)
Due to the importance of the subject it needs to be repeated here: Those protective measures cited herein of course do not mean that a woman is unable to look after herself; this is nonsense put forward by some prejudiced people in order to attack Islam. The verses are referring to superior moral values. What is under discussion here is kindly moral values and attaching superiority and value to women. Looking after a woman means making her feel that she is very respected and valued. God shows the value and protection He places on women in practical terms. It is also forbidden in the verse to “... put pressure on them so as to harass them.” As stated in the verse, “...consult together with correctness and courtesy,” God advises good relations being maintained between people who have divorced. Considering the difficult position in which women find themselves today in society in general, or in social life, the need for and importance of these measures recommended in the Qur’an become much clearer.

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